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Wedding Services Logo Design – Mesmerize Your Audience

Weddings are one of the most memorable part of any person’s life. They want nothing but the best wedding planner to realize their dream wedding. The competition can be tough as everyone claims to be the best in the business. What actually distinguishes you from the competition is how you brand your business. Branding your business involves multiple tools that help develop the identity you want for your business.

Wedding Services Logo Design – Images Used

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, which in your case is having a professional graphic designer come up with a unique wedding services logo design for your business. It is the first impression your business will leave, whether it is a good one or a bad one is entirely up to you and your graphic designer. A professional graphic designer always keeps up with the latest design trends and whatever the competition is doing in terms of design. They use multiple design tools like color palates, typography, symbols and images and incorporate them into a single logo that captures the essence of your wedding planning services and captivates the interest of potential customers.

Wedding Services Logo Design – Colors and Shades

Choosing the right color palate has a psychological effect on the viewer. The most suitable colors for wedding planning service’s logo have to be calm and serene and not dark and gloomy. They should be able to inspire a positive emotion that encourages them to pursue your services.

A logo design that costs less than a pair of shoes will always have a margin for error. The research and the effort put into it would not be able to justify the quality and value your services have to offer. A professional designer knows exactly which font to use that helps express the values of your business. The font should complement the color palate and not juxtapose the tonality of the logo. Using elegant and classy fonts will help relay a message of finesse.

A wedding planner must make sure that their brand image is credible and reliable. You are not just selling a service but a personality as the couple-to-be will have to work alongside the wedding planner throughout the process. An excellent wedding services logo design made by a professional will set a precedent that will speak volumes about the quality of your work.

Wedding Services Logo Design – Typography

On the image on the right, there are three different words with different font sizes, this makes the audience to give their full attention and curiosity for a moment. Not that it makes the brand name unreadable, but it asks for complete attention to read it, which will imprint it in the memories of the viewers and they will remember it when they required wedding services themselves.

Hiring a professional wedding services logo design creator is highly important to get a logo design like the one on the right. The most important target to be achieved is to get your company name or the logo design fixed in the memories of the viewers, for that, smartness is needed and a professional designers knows how to play with the typography to achieve this objective. There are different ways of capturing the attention of the audience, one is that we have seen on the example, of using different sizes, other one can be the usage of a very attractive font style, as this will also make the visitors to stop and look again.

Wedding Services Logo Design – Trust

As wedding event is likely to occur once in a lifetime, the organizing of the event, the food and everything else is handed to those companies or entities who are more trustworthy than the others. A given company might be very good when it comes to deliverance of the services, but if their logo design is unable to instill a feeling of trust, it might lose the customer to another firm, who might not be as good in service, but has portrayed itself smartly. A wedding services logo design, along with other important factors, needs to have some element that depicts the reliability and trustworthiness of the firm in order to attract the customers.

Some logo designs of individual event planners and their production houses.

The images shown above can guide you regarding your own wedding services logo design, hire a professional if you need to get something similar, with similar effects.

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