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Security Logo Design

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A successful security logo design must depict an image of trust, reliability and dependability. With security logos, the aim is not only to leave a good first impression but also to reassure the client that your security company have them protected while demonstrating power, professionalism and confidence. Security is a very diverse field, beginning from personal and home security and stretching to online data security. For a security company of any sort, the logo design must include some pointers that depict protection and safety, it also has to portray strength in some way as weakness will not be received well by the target market.

Security Logo Design – Brand Value

It is always a good idea to have a look at the competitor’s logo. Consider it a case study and learn from it. Make sure you do not copy the logo as every company has something different and unique to offer, which is depicted in the logo. Copying someone else’s logo will do nothing but damage your brand image. You may however take inspiration from the competitor’s logo. Look at the elements they have incorporated and the colors they have used. This will also help you get a clearer idea of exactly what you want eliminating chances of creating a similar logo.

Security System Website Banner Design

Security Logo Design – Symbols

Cyber security Items Banner

The images you can see above are related to security in the current arena, a smart logo designer will be able to come up with a security logo design that contains some or at least one of the above images to align with the company’s processes and its value for the customers.

The logo design of “TERABIT SECURITY” given above contains a depiction of waves emitting from a tower, giving out a message that we are constantly on the lookout. The typography and the color combinations used with the waves symbol support it well, giving out an overall sense of security, alertness and strength.

Website designing for Terabit Security Company

The above logo incorporates a semi-circle displaying waives from a tower quite clearly, portraying the sense of “we are watching” transparently. The typography has a remarkable effect with 2 dots, one with the beginning of Security and the other with its end, substantiating a bond from beginning to end- This is vital in a security logo design.

Security Logo Design – Online Security

Data Breach – Cheap Logo Design

If your company specializes in online and network security, incorporating the same in you in your security logo design can be an effective marketing tool. When it comes to security, people want to be direct and explicit with the business so they know exactly what they are signing up for. So a logo that explicitly depicts the service you specialize in will definitely help gain the trust of existing and potential customers.

A Security logo design for the online industry, where the threat of theft is very high, needs to portray the power and effectiveness of the firm in a highly assertive manner that instills the sense of safety and protection among the potential clients.

Some of the online security logo designs are given below:

  • 1. Bit defender 2016 –

    Logo Design for Bit Defender

  • 2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

    Kaspersky 2019 Product Design

  • 3. McAfee Internet Security 2016

    Logo design for Internet Security provider company

  • 4. G Data Internet Security 2016

    Logo design for G Data Internet Security

  • 5. Norton Internet Security 2016

    Norton by Semantic Logo Design

    The above images and internet security software’s are tested in different labs to give results of the same output or a different from website to website.

In the above given logo designs, it can be easily noticed that the symbolism is highly relevant. The symbol of a dog to portray the sense of guardedness and the tick mark to depict perfection at what they do.

Security Logo Design – Offline

Protect your party with Guard design

Hiring private security to maintain vigilance in restaurants and clubs is very common nowadays. Most of the businesses have their own private security provider which help ensure smooth and trouble free business operations. Most security companies print their logos on the uniform of the security guards and other branded products.

Banner Design for Halogen Security Partners

This helps spread the word about the company to a number of customers that the business has. It also has the influence to stop customers from doing something illegal or problematic; seeing a logo that is associated with security will help maintain authority and decorum. Having the logo that is related to security makes the people relax and that stays in their mind which is crucial for a security firm.

Some of the Logos of private security companies are given below:

Security Logo Design – Colors and Typography

Professional graphic designers have the knowledge and experience to develop logos that are able to represent your security company’s values. They take help from multiple design tools like color palates and typography. The colors that they mostly use are black, grey and blue. They express confidence, professionalism, trust and credibility. The second element is typography. Every industry has a relevant font that adds value to the brand image. Using formal and simple fonts help build credibility. Consequently, using casual fonts which are hard to read will only damage your brand image and depict unprofessionalism.

The important factor of the security industry is that people don’t tend to take risks with it, and they are right in this regard. The security companies and designers of a security logo design need to make sure that the logo portrays perfection and efficiency, this is the only way they will be getting serious response from the customers.

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