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Architectural Logo Design – Constructive

The Lightshow of the Marina Bay in Singapore, including the Arts Museum in the shape of a Lotus (on the left)

Strength, viability, durability and creativity are some of the words associated with Architecture Company or Organization. It is the job of a professional graphic designer to incorporate colors and fonts into your architectural logo design that helps express these values.
Using ligatures is an effective tool but requires the skill of a professional graphic designer to be able to join letters that look natural and not forced. If the fonts do not match or complement each other, an alternative method is to choose that feels more natural. A good example would be the logo of American Dental Association (ADA) and CNN. This reflects highly on your creativity and the ability to think outside the box which, in the architecture industry, should be your unique selling point (USP).

Conceptual Inspirations – Architectural Logo Design

Darker shades should be used as they denote professionalism and depth of perception required to come up with unique and creative architectural designs. An architecture firm should have an outstanding logo as it will be the first impression of your firm and will speak volumes about your values and creativity.

Colors that denote confidence, trust and reliability should be used that will help build a better business/client relationship from the very beginning.

The use of colours in the abstract logo above suggests combined strength and capitalizes on the first letter “A” of Artans in the logo itself. Displaying trust and dependability pointing in one direction.

Letter Depiction – Architectural Logo Design

Letter depiction in architectural logo design industry is of extreme importance, as the competition is high and to stay in the memories of potential customers, with a strong image is the defining factor. Letter depiction is an art, which involves creation of a logo design that is built around the first letter of the brand name, where that letter is kept in greater prominence as compared to other design elements. This helps in creating a relation between that letter and the brand in the minds of the customer, as letters are more relatable and memorable in comparison to other components. But, to get it spot on requires high professionalism, which is not easy to come by.

Architectural Logo Design- Colours & Fonts

Nasir-ul-Mulk Mosque – Shiraz- Iran

To begin with, the top 5 listed Architectural Firms in the United States and their logos as per for 2015:

Fonts and Colors in Architectural Logo Design
Firstly, let’s have a look at the logos of some of the leading architectural firms of the United States.
A professional graphic designer will help you choose the best font possible for your brand image. With any logo design, let alone an architectural logo design, there is no room for error. Anything that feels out of place or doesn’t go well with the tonality of the logo will cause serious repercussions to your brand image. Even using an inappropriate font can send the wrong message to the viewers and reflect poorly on the services you have to offer.


After looking at the logos of top architectural firms from the USA, it is not difficult to notice that all of them are extremely professional and temperate in nature. This industry is not meant for flashy of funky stuff, which if used, can be damaging for the image of the firm.

The above image shows an example of another logo that could have been used for SOM, in place of the original one. It is quite evident from the comparison that which one is more serious in nature, and so will be more convincing for the customers of this industry, who are very serious professionals themselves. So, the font used for the logo has to be professional and in line with the industry and the stature the firm intends to create.

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